Posted by: HOU-PE | 12/18/2013

Do you have Grinchmas?

Well, Christmas is almost here! It’s time for impatient shoppers, lines of cars in your way, and sale ads everywhere. The radio stations are playing Christmas music incessantly, kids are out of school, and to top it all off, your workplace is having a party that you must attend……

This time of year can be so frustrating if you aren’t in the Christmas or holiday mood. Your inner Grinch is just waiting to be let out!

So to help with this, your local library has just the fix for you! Come and check out some of your favorite authors or books to get away from the hustle and bustle. All Houston County Libraries are ordering new books for your enjoyment. Come and visit us to see what exciting new books we have placed on the shelves!

Christmas books

And if you are struggling to achieve that Christmas spirit, we have many new books that will get you in the proper holiday mood! Books such as “A Christmas Hope” by Anne Perry, or my personal favorite, “Duck the Halls: a Robertson Family Christmas” are great reads. But whatever your tastes or preferences, stop by your library and see what books we have in.

Don’t let the Grinch ruin your Christmas. Outsmart him and make the holidays a joyful one!



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