Posted by: HOUCV | 09/18/2013

Avast, Pirates on the Horizon!

On September 10, the Centerville Library welcomed in some of the most well-known looters and booty-hunters in our history: pirates! Aaaarrggh!! But these weren’t just normal pirates. Even though they dressed, talked, and hunted like them, they were not your typical pillaging  buccaneers. In fact, they were a great group of enjoyable 3-6 graders who were looking to participate in a fun party!

Suzy "Shiny Buckles" Plank

Suzy “Shiny Buckles” Plank

Davy Jones' Ships

Davy Jones’ Ships

Everyone started out by receiving their unique pirate name. From our group, these included such monikers as Opal “Knee Biter” Grummo and Gloria “Commodore Chops” Grills.Ms. Penny was Suzy “Shiny Buckles” Plank, the Cutlass of Flying Fish Sea! Apparently, she be sharp of wit and sharper with sword (but I made sure we didn’t have a chance for her to test that last one out).

After receiving our pirate names, everyone got to make their own pirate ships with cups and potting soil. Eventually, they will begin to look like Davey Jones’ overgrown sunken sensation since we planted some seeds in the dirt! Finally, everyone got to go pillaging around in the library. This entailed – what else? – a map with a red X on it. Each group got a basic printed diagram of our children’s area with an X. If they were able to follow the map correctly, they found a treasure note. They could then exchange their note for lots of treasures at the children’s desk!

Fun was had by all our young buccaneers on this night, but we don’t want to leave out any older participants. We will have an additional pirate party for our older deckhands (ages 11-17) on September 17. Ms. Penny and I can’t wait to plunder and pillage our way into more fun with our teens. AAarrrgghh!

Our 3-6 grade scallywags

Our 3-6 grade scallywags

Do you have any big plans to commemorate the upcoming Talk Like a Pirate day (Sept. 19)?


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