Posted by: kdo78 | 08/23/2013

Thank you for a great summer!

Well, summer is over and the school year has started. The Vacation Reading Program was a great success and the Houston County Libraries had a blast during this time. We enjoyed seeing the kids exploding through our doors with excitement and anticipation, wanting to sign up for the program, turn in hours, attend programs, or to just check out books. We’re not entirely sure what they were fed in the morning, but they sure were happy to be at the library. It was wonderful to see!blog photo we ride

Now that Summer Reading is finished, we would like share with our readers the results of program. The Houston County Library System signed up a total of 3,395 children and teens over the summer and this group read an amazing 50,510 books. Wow! Talk about dedicated reading. These are great numbers and are an increase of last year’s amount. We are so proud of our kids for doing such a fantastic job!

However, it would be remiss of us to take all the credit. We had great community support from our local businesses and sponsors. Monetary donations were given that allowed us to fund great performers and crafts. Eatery coupons were also provided that was a terrific source of incentives for the children to read just one more book. And then we had our guest speakers and performers that provided marvelous educational entertainment for the kids. When you add all these elements together, it is the perfect formula for a great, quality program.

We love creating excitement in our kids about reading, and with the assistance of local businesses and benefactors, we feel we were able to do that this summer. So if you go to any of the following places, be sure to thank them for supporting your library’s Vacation Reading Program.              

VRP sponsored by flier


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