Posted by: HOUCV | 07/29/2013

Back to School at the Centerville Library!

Here at the Centerville Public Library, we would like to be here for you as the new school year approaches. I know, this time of year can be hard and hectic; your child is just entering kindergarten, or your grade school son is a reluctant reader. You may even be a teacher longing to find just the perfect book for your classroom, or trying to find something fun to do with your kids in the evenings. Well, good news – we’ve got you covered on all bases!

back to school display at Centerville Library

back to school display at Centerville Library

KindergartenFirst of all, we’ve made a fun back-to-school display in our kids section where we’ve placed some fun works all about this time of year. Welcome to Kindergarten by Anne Rockwell is one such book. It talks about a boy’s first day at school and how this makes him very nervous. After he enters the classroom, however, he realizes that it’s “just the right size for me to learn.” He talks about all the different centers within the room, such as the math center where “I learn to measure and count,” and the weather corner where “it will show whether it’s rainy or sunny, hot or cold, and when it’s my turn to be the weather boy.” It also introduces kids to the idea of calendars and following the days of the week. By the end of the day, the boy realizes that the room really is “the right size for me!” We also own some really fun and educational books about school safety and following rules appropriately.

If you’re a little further into your education, you may be thinking about how strange school truly is. That’s what Louis Sachar’s book Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger is all about! The inside cover gives the following synopsis: “After closing for 242 days to get rid of the cows (don’t ask), everyone’s favorite thirty-story school is finally back in session.  But all is not well at the school with no nineteenth floor. Mrs. Jewls, the best teacher at Wayside, is having a baby, and that can mean only one thing – substitute teachers (queue music of doom)!… Wayside School may seem like a pretty strange place already, but now it has to get a little stranger.” A 165-page chapter book, this work is sure to entertain even the most reluctant grade school reader!

And that’s not all, folks… really, that is just a small sampling of the back-to-school books we have to offer at the Centerville Public Library. We have other works on Schoolgraduation, science fairs, and the first 100 days of school. Oh, and our children’s books aren’t just for kids… we are available for teachers too! If you can’t find that specific book in the school library that you really need for your class, come visit us. Chances are, we can either locate it for you or put it on hold from another state public library. We also try very hard to make sure we’re here for your kids during the school year by 1) finding books for all their project needs, and 2) by offering some all-ages evening programs. Just check our monthly calendar for activities! Oh, and we are also here for your morning commute to and from school – check out some CDs from our audio book section (yes, we even have those for kids!).  So, well wishes and happy back-to-school, everyone!


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