Posted by: kdo78 | 07/26/2013

Shark Week

Do you want to know what I’m excited about? Shark Week!!! Oh yes, this epic time of year has come again. Starting August 4, let the barrage of toothy creatures with fins, begin.

shark week3

Fact: Certain shark species (such as great white) will drown if they stop moving. They lack necessary muscles to pump water through their mouth. #sharkweek

And for all the intrepid children and adults out there who can’t get enough of sharks during this time or need survival tips, the library would love to help. All Houston County libraries have several books on sharks – located in the 597.3 in both juvenile and adult sections – that would be a great addition to your enjoyment of this time.

Fact:There are at least 350 shark species in the world’s oceans today. They vary in shape, but have similar characteristics such as large livers. #sharkweek

shark week pic nola

Fact: Volusia County, FL has had more shark attacks than anywhere else in the world (210 attacks since 1882) #sharkweek

So let the library help you manage your way through Shark Week. The information you discover might come in handy! We hope you will enjoy this time as much as we do and remember (!)- go to the beach now while you are naïve about what lives in the deeps of the ocean.

Fact: Punching a shark in the nose or poking its eyes can help to fend it off during an attack. Most sharks don’t want to work hard for their food. #sharkweek

shark week2


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