Posted by: HouPE | 07/24/2013

What would I do all day?

With the announcement of open part-time positions within Houston County Public Library System, you might be wondering just what you would do all day. Or maybe you are curious about how us ladies behind the desk spend our day. We would love to share!

Every day seems to offer something different. We serve many different patrons each day. This variety of challenges and information needs means that it’s always interesting. Even in all of this variety, there are some duties that are the same every day. These tasks are so frequent that they become constant routine. So if you were behind the circulation desk, this is how you would spend your day:

circulation assist job 001

Of course one of the duties that occupies the majority of our time is checking materials in and out. During this time we help patrons update their contact information or renew cards. We answer questions such as, “what book comes next in this series?” or “Does my favorite author have any new books out?” Sometimes we need to let people know if they have fines and process their payment. This isn’t the fun part, but it’s something we have to do!

circulation assist job 002Another daily duty at the library is the processing of holds. Hold requests are the books that travel between libraries. In the morning we pull all of the books from our library shelves that have been requested by patrons both here in our local library system and in systems throughout the state. This feels like a library scavenger hunt! We also receive our delivery of books from all over Georgia. Can you believe that between 1000 to 1500 books travel into and out of our county every week. In this picture, Marie is calling our patrons to let them know their book has arrived! This is always a fun call to make.

circulation assist job 003

The one activity that always comes first is helping our patrons. In this case, Jill is helping a patron locate items on canning and food preservation. We offer not only location assistance but also readers advisory to patrons of all ages. Readers advisory is just a fancy way of saying that we help them find their next great read. We do this by asking a lot of questions about what they like to read and being well read ourselves. We offer this service for every age group. Books are one topic we never tire of talking about!

circulation assist job 007

We offer lots of computer assistance. The library public access internet computers are always in demand. Our patrons use the computers to complete homework assignments, genealogy research, distance education, employment searches, and entertainment amongst other things. In addition to offering computer help, we also manage the print station at the circulation desk. This station is one of the busiest!

circulation assist job 006We often assess the condition of books. We want every book on the shelves to be in good condition and pleasant to read. When we find a book that has some damage, we make ever effort to find a way to repair the item. We’d like them to last as long as possible. Minor repairs such as tape on a page or cleaning of covers are done at the circulation desk. More major repairs such as loose pages, will go on to the book doctor who resides in the back of the library.

There are many things that keep us on the go throughout day long. In fact, the chairs behind the circulation desk have become a running joke with some patrons. They are most often being used to hold stacks of books instead of staff members. So if you have a friendly disposition, are customer oriented, and own a comfortable pair of shoes… this might be the place for you!


  1. Hello Perry Public Library Staff,
    Thank you for sharing an average work day at Perry Public Library.
    Best wishes to your new part-time employee, whom ever he or she might be.
    Ms. Shirley
    (Perry Library – Shelving Volunteer)

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