Posted by: HOUCV | 07/22/2013

Well Wishes to One of Our Best

Here at the Houston County Public Libraries, we have retained some of the best staff members on the planet. Seriously…they’re pretty great. One such diligent worker is Karbecia Byse. She has been working with Houston County Libraries since September of 2006. Because of her tenure here, it’s no wonder if her face has become a very familiar one to you.


Karbecia has had the unique opportunity of working at all 3 Houston County Public Libraries. She started as a part-time circulation assistant at Perry Library in 2006, and was transferred to the Nola Brantley Memorial Library as a work study in 2011. She was then moved to the Centerville Library in the same year. Having worked at all 3 branches, Karbecia has specific things she has enjoyed at each: “I loved the home-town feel of the Perry Library. The kids there were also very good readers – they came often, and I felt like I got to watch them grow up. Although I’ve enjoyed working with everyone, I had a great experience with the Nola Brantley staff.  I really connected with them, and was able to share some of my ideas for teen programming. I’ve also enjoyed participating in the Warner Robins Christmas parade with them! As far as working at Centerville Library, it’s the closest to my house, with is always a plus. I’ve also student-taught most of the kids that frequent the Centerville branch, so many of them recognize me and that’s very special.”

In her spare time, Karbecia likes reading (right now, she’s into The Immortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and will soon start the Heroes of Olympia series by Rick 9781416955078Riordan), shopping (especially in the early mornings), and traveling (she’s already been to Mexico and The Philippines and plans to go to the Dominican Republic next summer).

Since starting her tenure at the Houston County Public Libraries, Karbecia has been attending Middle Georgia State College working hard toward her degree in Early Childhood Education. I guess we all knew this day would come, but it’s been bittersweet for all of us to accept that her graduation was this past May. We are so happy that she has landed a job at Lindsey Elementary School as an Intervention and Computer Lab teacher for grades K-5. Her last day with the Houston County Libraries is July 27. As much as we (and probably many of you) will miss Karbecia, we know she is about to start her dream job.

When asked what she would miss most about working at the library, Karbecia replied, “the ready access I have to all the books and resources available at my fingertips. Oh, and our director’s baked treats – I always look forward to her sweet confections she makes, just for us staff!”

We will miss you, Karbecia!




  1. AHH! As one of those blessed to have worked with Karbecia, I can attest to how fantastic she is 🙂 But I’m so excited for you to go forth and teach! I only wish you were teaching my child!!!

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