Posted by: HouPE | 07/17/2013

Upcoming Perry Library Volunteer Orientation

volunteersWould you like to learn how you can spend more time in the library? Just can’t get enough of the library programs and books? Are you impressed by all of the things your little library has going on, and looking for a way to help out?

We would like to invite you to join us for an introdution to volunteering at Perry Public Library. On Tuesday, July 30th, we will offer an information session on library volunteering. The session will begin at 5:30 and last about an hour. The session is open to all those over the age of 16. We invite representatives from civic and social organizations to also attend. Some groups have adopted the library as a service project. We like to think that both organizations benefit from the arrangement.

While you are here, you will learn about the large variety of volunteer opportunities available. Most often people think of volunteering as shelving books. Certainly this is an area of assistance that we greatly appreciate. But there are so many other areas that can benefit from your time. We would love to share with you some of these opportunities so that you can select the area that best suits you.

The opportunities offer a variety of commitment levels. An example of a low commitment volunteer position might be as a program helper. Our program helpers are extremely casual. Occasionally we have programs that bring in large numbers of patrons. These activities often present logistical problems in a space as small as ours. Volunteers act as traffic coordinators to help patrons get to their desired location or activity. These are fun, energetic times at the library and the extra hands are greatly appreciated.

As library services expand, we find many new avenues and opportunities for volunteer involvement. These opportunities can also be tailored to your schedule. Many opportunities are based upon a more regular or predictable schedule. Interests range from advisory services, technology coaches, planning committees, programming leaders, and much more. In fact, we believe, we truly do have something for everyone.

Consider yourself invited to join us! Grab a friend and report to Perry Library on July 30th at 5:30.



  1. Good luck with your volunteer drive.
    Ms. Shirley
    (Perry Library volunteer shelving volunteer)

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