Posted by: HOUCV | 07/15/2013

The Centerville Library: A Cool Teen Hang-Out

Have you teens been looking for something to do this summer? I mean, apart from all that grueling yard and housework your parents have you doing… and that summer job that keeps you so busy. It wasn’t that long ago for me; I can totally relate. I remember those blazing hot summer days thinking, “wow…I’m bored.” And that’s in spite of my parent’s best efforts to keep me busy. Well, lucky for you , the Centerville Library has been transformed into your summer activity hook-up!

100_0781Let me give you a brief re-cap of what we’ve done so far for ages 13-17. We’ve already gone over the success of our Zombies vs. Humans battle. Oh, and did I also mention it was LOTS of fun? We also had a bleach pen t-shirt art program on June 18. Now, before you laugh, really…this was LOADS of fun and all our teens expressed an impressive amount of creativity through their art. From bleach designs of bulldogs and Superman to Hello Kitty and panda bears, the evening’s possibilities were endless. Missed the program? You can easily do this at home (just be careful or you’ll have more housework to do):

1)      Buy a cheap colored t-shirt (really, the cheaper the better. The color will bleach more richly!)

2)      Buy a bleach pen made for whites

3)      Place contact paper on the inside of the shirt so the color wont bleed

4)      Use your bleach pen to draw your chosen design on your shirt

5)      Let sit till you see the color lifting from the shirt, ~15 min.

6)      Rinse in sink & remove contact paper

7)      Voila!100_0783

Next up was our duel program on July 1. This day was very unique and pretty much ensured fun for all interests. ½ of our group decided to take part in Ms. Penny’s minecraft modeling session. This was fun for all those who have “Steves” and “skins” (that’s what I hear, me of very limited Minecrafting knowledge). They made some pretty awesome stuff! At the same time, I (Ms. Laura) took the other ½ of our participants (who also had no knowledge/interest in Minecraft) outside to our library sidewalks and let them start drawing. Man, was that fun – from hopscotch to fairies, the creative juices were flowing!

pics for blog

Disappointed that you missed out on our teen programs? Don’t worry! We have one last quest on July 16 @ 6 PM – an unexpected journey to find the One Ring! 13-17 year olds are invited to come out and break the codes that will lead them to the ring. Oh, and we’ll also have “Hobbit food”…its sure to be a great time!


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