Posted by: HouPE | 07/11/2013

Another Happy Customer

Meet Amy…


Amy is new to the area.

Amy recently located from northern Georgia.  The relocation came under happy circumstances as her husband was promoted. Yay, Amy’s husband!

Amy is a teacher.

She teaches social studies and loves it! One disappointment of the move was leaving behind a job that she so greatly enjoyed. Having moved during the summer, she hoped to get back into the classroom for the upcoming year.

Amy is resourceful.

The logistics of a move can make a job hunt challenging. What do you do when your computer is in boxes? How do you submit applications, resumes, and other documentation when your appointment to connect your internet is days away? If you are smart like Amy, you go to your local library! Amy put her new library card to work. She used the public access internet computers to complete required documents. She printed out well-crafted resumes on beautiful resume paper, which by the way, she provided.

Amy has a job.

Amy was invited to interview at a local high school. Her performance must have been fantastic because she received one of those ever illusive offers to teach within Houston County Public School System. Boy that was quick! We hope she has time to get fully unpacked before she starts work! We offer a huge congratulations to Amy on her new job! We also offer a congratulations to her incoming students, who will have a resourceful and highly motivated teacher this year.

But most of all, we offer a big thank you to the residents of Houston County who continue to allow us to serve them. We love the opportunity to support you in creative problem solving and self improvement.


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