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What’s happening in July at Centerville Public Library

Whew, June was so packed with fun that we just need to sit back and take a break for a sec! *breathing in, breathing out* aahhh. Now that we’ve had a relaxation moment, let’s ponder: what was your favorite June program? Didn’t have a favorite? That’s o.k.! July is just as jam-packed with exciting programs that’ll make you say “I’ve just GOT to come to that!”

July 1-6

Graffiti Minecraft Flyer

We’re starting off the month with a great program for our teens (ages 13-17) on the 1st @ 4:30 PM: sidewalk graffiti & minecraft modeling!  This is your program if 1) you like sidewalk design and have ever wanted to try one of those elaborate works of art you’ve seen on the internet. You will have the opportunity to decorate our library sidewalks with your most creative art work using sidewalk chalk! Not your thing? Then this program is still for your if 2) you love all things minecraft! Join us as we cut, tape, and mold our way into fun and elaborate minecraft designs.  We will also hold our monthly bedtime stories on the 2nd for all ages @ 6:30 PM. Come ready to sing, dance, and listen to fun stories about digging machines, just in time for bed! Then, we will have 2 storytimes on Wednesday morning, June 3… get ready to “AAaaarrgghhh” as we read all about pirates! Oh, and don’t forget, we will be closed on Thursday, July 4th for Independence Day.

July  8-13

You really aren’t going to want to miss this week! We are hosting some big dump trucks and other heavy machinery on the 10th @ 10:30 AM for all ages!! The Centerville DumpTruckMeshTarpUtility Dept. is hosting this event, and it is sure to be a morning of excitement! We will also hold a program for tweens (ages 9-12) on the 11th @ 6 PM all about archaeology. Do you think you can reassemble some broken pieces of…well, stuff and turn it into a brand new work of art? Join us and find out! We’ll also have a very special children’s specialists skit on the 12th @ 1:30 PM for all ages. Come see Ms. Penny, Ms. Yolanda, and Ms. Judith come together and put on an exciting performance about creepy crawlies, mud, and root veggies! On this same day, we will also host Lincoln (a very lovable black lab) from P.A.W.S. He is a registered therapy dog and is very good with children. This program is designed to encourage new or more experienced young readers to come out and read in a fun, non-threatening environment. The program will begin at 3:45 PM and advanced sign-up is required. There is no age limit, but your child must be able to read independently in order to participate.

July 15-20

images (2)We are inviting 13-17 year-olds to come out on the 16th @ 6 PM and embark on an unexpected journey to find the One Ring! Can you break the codes to the clues that will lead you there? Come find out during this special event! We will also hold storytimes on the 17th about *let’s pretend the ground is rumbling* dinosaurs! We’ll also hold a tween (ages 9-12) program on the 18th @ 3 PM, also about dinosaurs. In case you think this might be too “little kid-ish,” think again – everyone will be assembling their very own dinosaur skeleton! We’ll also need to take a moment of silence this week… July 20 marks the end of the 2013 Vacation Reading Program. I know, I know, you are disappointed that programs are over. But give yourself a nice, hefty pat on the back for all the feverish reading and hard work you’ve put in with us all summer!

Well folks, that’s it for this summer’s schedule. You may view our entire calendar of events here. For more info on any of the above programs or to register, contact Centerville Library at (478)953-4500 X4. Don’t forget to join us for more programs during the upcoming school year!

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