Posted by: HOUCV | 06/17/2013

Digging into Programs at Centerville Public Library

As you probably know by now, each of the Houston County Public Libraries are in full swing with summer reading programming and activities for your teens and little ones.  Here at the Centerville Public Library, we have seen a record number of registrants and participation…which means a record amount of fun for everyone! In case you missed some of what’s happened so far, here’s a brief re-cap.

100_0777We kicked off this year’s programming by ushering in the zombies, who battled it out with the humans, and….well, they didn’t always overcome. 100_0776During the battle, we had 3 competitions, 1 of which the zombies won and the other 2 saw the humans as victorious (this gives me hope for the real zombie apocalypse that is surely coming our way!). Our teens had a wonderful time on this night, many of whom dressed the part in elaborate face paint and other costuming elements. I was personally impressed by those who found creative ways to be “apocalyptic humans.” That takes talent!

We also had some serious mummification going on during our program on June 6 with our 9-12 year-olds. You should have seen it – they were doing everything they could not to tear their mummification materials (a.k.a toilet paper) while racing to get all parts of the body wrapped before the other teams completed. Then, we all watched a Reading Rainbow video about how scientists reconstruct mummified faces, making them virtually come to life in the real world. Amazing!

Last Thursday, Ms. Debra Jones paid us a visit and told us all about Enviroscape.  We learned about water flows, and how certain environments and climates affect our landscapes Ms. Jones visited from Keep Warner Robins Beautiful, and did a wonderful job of educating our kids about the world around us with scale-model landscapes. She even used real water to show how ground water impacts the plants we see.


If you missed any or all of these programs, don’t fret! We still have several weeks of programming left for the month, including live animals with Ranger Jodi on the 20th and David Stephens, Puppeteer on the 26th!


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