Posted by: HouPE | 05/30/2013

The Ultimate Do It Yourself

Have you ever fantasized about being a published author? Do you have a story that is just waiting to be told? If so, you are not alone. Here in the library, we meet a lot of folks who are hoping for their name on a book spine.

In days past, beginning a literary career could feel daunting. If you had the drive and ambition to get your idea into a manuscript, it became time to shop it around. Often securing an agent was a first and challenging stop, though there are alternatives. The agent then would act on your behalf, presenting you and your work to publishing companies. However another avenue has gained momentum. Do you recognize these?


John Grisham sold his first book out of the trunk of his car! Richard Nelson Bolles’ What Color Is Your Parachute has sold 6 million copies and spent 288 weeks on the New York Times bestsellers list!  Mary E. Morrison self-published Soulmates Dissipate which landed her a six figure publishing deal. Are you ready to learn more about this method of publishing?

There are some definite advantages to self-publishing. This avenue offers a high level of control over the finished product. You as the author can determine how much responsibility you want to have for each aspect of publication, such as but not limited to: editing, marketing, and distribution. This option can also be a bit overwhelming.

We are pleased to have gathered authors who have successfully navigated the self-publishing process. These authors will take part in a panel discussion at Perry Public Library on Tuesday, June 18th from 5:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. to share their experiences and answer your questions.

Tim Johnson is the author of a number of projects to include Hot G.R.I.T.S. In Your Relationship. He has experience publishing through a variety of formats and companies. This book was inspired by his sessions and training seminars helping individuals to navigate and create successful relationships. Mr. Johnson has a passion for writing and helping others. He speaks candidly about the lessons he’s learned in publishing.

Valerie Crawford and Kathy DiSarli co-created enCOURAGEd through WestBow Press. Their workbook is a spiritual journey to discover the story of grace in your life. They also describe their publishing experience as a journey and are willing to share it.

Amy Von Oven is the author of Still In My Arms published through AuthorHouse Publishing. She chronicles her experience in the year following the loss of her daughter.

Nyisha Ferguson is not only a librarian, but also a published poet. Her book, Becoming the Woman, was published completely independently. In the ten years since the printing, she has followed the transformation of the self-publishing industry.

Following the discussion there will be a time alloted for private discussions with the authors. Their books will be available for sale as well. Join us in learning more about your publishing options.


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