Posted by: HOUCV | 04/22/2013

Authors: Uncooperative

In case you haven’t noticed, we at the Centerville Library hold lots of storytimes for a variety of age groups every week. Because of this, we are always on the look-out for some of the cutest most intriguing picture books that captivate through both sentence structure and illustrations.  Earlier this week, Ms. Heather – who graciously leads our Monday storytimes – found one such book called Chester.


In case you’ve never met him, Chester is a jealous cat that just begs for the spotlight. In this humorous book, Melanie Watt (who also wrote the Scaredy Squirrel series) is feverishly trying to write a story about mouse, but Chester won’t have it. He finds a red marker and quickly begins writing mouse out of the story and putting himself in the spotlight. In response, Melanie has mouse returning from his journey…with a dog…. which Chester quickly decides is vegetarian and sends both the dog and mouse off to a far-away land. Finally, Melanie gives up and writes Chester into the story line…only to put him in a pink tutu! But this isn’t the end for Chester; you can read more about him in Chester’s Back and Chester’s Masterpiece.

Another such book where the author is clearly to blame is Tom Lichtenheld’s E-mergency!.  In this funny alphabet book, the letter E has fallen down the stairs and ended up in the hospital.  Now, the only way to get her back on her feet is for everyone to stop using her. But…who will substitute for E? This becomes a real problem, especially since Z is too sleepy, P is always in the bathroom, and Y asks way too many questions.  Thankfully, O rolls in to save the day (because, of course, he’s so well-rounded). Whew…now E can rest up and get better … as long as everybody follows the rules. Wait, what’s that you say? The writer is still using E? Yep, such was the case in the book – the author was still using her until all the letters caught it. When Lichtenheld finally stopped using E and substituting for O, E finally got “bottor.”  Yay!


If you’d liko to road any of those books, you may placo thom on hold through our PINOS catalog or drop in to your local library to chock for availability (poor E….sho probably still noods to rost).

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