Posted by: HOUCV | 04/15/2013

Strutting your Stuff for a Good Cause

I’d like to start by offering everyone a very excited and exuberant THANK YOU for helping Centerville Public Library become the winners of the third annual Dino Derby! Because of you, our summer reading program will be that much more successful!


Teen contest winners

Before March, we thought to ourselves, “What can we do to make raising money fun for everyone?” After pondering this for some time, we settled on our costume contests…and boy, did everyone have a great time! Our first event was held on March 26, a night set aside for teens only. We had food, family, and music all evening, and our teens got to strut their stuff down our red (well….multicolored) carpet.  Our winners (who were determined by the amount of money they raised from the audience) were a brother/sister team who got online and found a tall, spooky “being” that sparked their interest.  The sister made the big costume using spray paint, stilts, crutches, and black fabric.  The brother was the “being’s” handler. Their whole walk was pretty scary…until they broke out in unified dance half-way down the runway! You may recognize a resemblance to the Landstrider character from the movie Dark Crystal.  Our 2nd place winner dressed as a Sith Stalker from Star Wars. He made his costume the night before using cardstock and basic fabric. Others simply dressed as fabulous versions of themselves, our threw on fairy wings at the last minute. Way to go, everyone!

On March 28th, the younger kids were just too cute as they came out in costume and competed for their chance to win. We had all types of characters; from Percy Jackson and an astronaut to Cinderella and a dinosaur…it was a great time! Our first place winner was an adorable little girl decked out in a bumble bee costume.  2nd place went to the cutest little girl dressed as no other than Super Man! She danced all the way down our multicolored carpet and simply stole the show.  Everyone did such a great job!


Because of your generous “votes” during these competitions, we were able to raise significant Dino funds and win the month-long competition! We are thinking our contests may be an annual event from here on out…but in the meantime, we hope to see you all during our summer reading program!


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