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2013 Women of Distinction

Perry Library is thrilled to introduce this year’s Women of Distinction who have been nominated by their peers. The event honoring these women was held Thursday, March 21st at 6:00 p.m. Did you miss it? Well don’t you worry, you can still get in on some of the fun!

Play this game to see if you can match them up!

2013 WOD 

A. This woman is known for her dedication to education. She’s been a respected educator in both Jones & Houston Counties. She currently serves part-time at Middle Georgia RESA as well as actively participating in Perry United Methodist Church and their Missions Committee. 

B. This woman has chosen a career in Real Estate where she has found a way to positively impact and mentor women. Amongst many honors, she recently received the distinction of being the 2011 NAACP Community Service award.  She dedicates her time also to political interests serving in many capacities.

C. This local woman has spent 30 years as a member of Kings Chapel CME where she has dedicated herself in service to the youth. She has spearheaded efforts to fund youth enrichment activities and chaired the Vacation Bible School.

D. This Hawkinsville native serves Houston County as a business owner. She dedicates her time and many business resources to support local missions and charities. She is also a published author.

E. This woman is near and dear to the library’s heart, having dedicated a significant portion of her career to directly impacting Houston County Public Library System. In retirement she continues to dedicate herself to worthy causes such as Brian Bowen Snax Sax, Loaves & Fishes, and more.

F. This educator has served in middle school as well as in the school library. She has many creative and civic interests. In addition to writing a children’s book of Bible verses, she created DSW Baskets of Joy which provides Easter baskets for local children in need.

G. This woman has transformed herself into the local historian. She is also an author, teacher, tour guide, volunteer, organizer, public speaker, wife, mother, and grandmother. The many roles this woman has taken on have benefitted the city of Perry in significant ways.

H. Parents of Perry Middle School students will recognize this educator. Her motto is to live your life so others will remember the great things you have done. This effort must be successful!

I. This wife and mother is also an athlete. Her time is spent instructing, competing and inspiring others to attain their dreams.  Her Gold medal in Women’s Archery at the 2011 Parapan American Games in Guadalahara, Mexico certainly qualifies her to speak on living one’s dream.

J. As Assistant Principle of Instruction at Lake Joy Primary School this educator is looking toward retirement. She also serves Saint Peter AME Church where she is President of the Courtesy Guild Ministry and the Media Ministry.

K. As Founder of New Life Global International Outreach Ministry, this Pastor has reached as far as Trinidad and Tobago, Kenya, Africa and surrounding countries. She also serves locally and throughout the United States as a teacher, author, and speaker.  

We will post the answers as a comment to enable you to self-check. Thank you for playing & for all of your support for the local public library. A special thank you to our 2013 Women of Distinction: Lee Ford-Faherty, Tannya Duncan, Alfreda Fluellen-Hall, Judy Golden, Patricia Johnson, Dorothy Lear, Ellie Loudermilk, Linda Mason, Fenika Miller, and Doretha Rivers.

Certainly we would be remiss if we neglected to thank those that made this event possible. Thank you to The Coffee Cup on Carroll for providing refreshments. Also thank you to those that provided our nominations and additional information: Akikta Club, Delphian Club, Mahala Club, Sorosis Club, Ms. Dannielle Brown, Rev Carol Perry and a host of others.

Thank you!




  1. Answer key for above:
    1. B
    2. G
    3. C
    4. A
    5. H
    6. E
    7. J
    8. K
    9. F
    10. I
    11. D

    How did you score? Let us know!

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