Posted by: kdo78 | 03/29/2013

Springtime Gardens

gardening therapy

So in honor of all things springtime, I’ve been to Do It Best Hardware, Lowe’s, and Home Depot -just to check out the  plants that are in bloom, the grass seed being sold, and the variety of garden paraphernalia being displayed. Not to buy, mind you. Oh, no. I just want to look and enjoy the possibilities of what my garden could be. So I meandered down the aisles looking at the Yoshino Cherry trees, Camellia bushes and other plants, while keeping my eyes peeled for a Grancy Greybeard tree (the one plant I do want).

gardening SL

While walking down the rows, it seemed the choices were endless: there were purple flowers, pink flowers, red flowers, yellow flowers, and the list goes on…… How do gardeners decide on what flowers to plant and where to plant them? After looking at the choices offered, this decision would intimidate me. Where would I start?

As a librarian, the most obvious solution to me was, of course: a book! So to help any future dirt dabblers, I would recommend checking out Choosing Plant Combinations by Better Homes and Gardens, What Plant When by DK, and Everyday Gardening by Southern Living. These books cover the basics of mapping out a garden landscape and suggesting different plant combinations during different seasons that would work in your yard.

gardening WhatPlantWhengardening combinations

And while I did not find my Grancy Greybeard tree, I did succumb to spring fever enough that, yes, I broke down and purchased shears and grass seed. Let’s hope it grows.

gardening prettier in catalogue


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