Posted by: kdo78 | 03/22/2013

Who’s your favorite?

In an effort to raise funds for Children’s Programaming, the Nola Brantley Memorial Library’s purple and green dinosaurs have been battling it out. They are waging war to see who is the fan favorite…..Garfield or Snoopy; Aragon (from Lord of the Rings) or Thorin (from The Hobbit); Ron Weasley or Harry Potter ….

dino character voting

We are having week long contests for the kids (and adults) to vote for their favorite with donations made to the dino’s. So far Garfield, Aragon, and Ron Weasley have won. Although I suspect in Ron’s case, nefarious methods were used to see that he prevailed 😉 I’m not sure, mind you, but there were suspicious signs…..and how can Ron possibly beat Harry, anyway?

Dino last weeks winner

This week’s contest has been between Dumbo and Eeyore. And so far Eeyore, that sad, lovable donkey, has a commanding lead. So if you visit the Nola Brantley Memorial Library this week or the upcoming weeks, make sure to vote for your favorite character!



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