Posted by: HOUCV | 03/18/2013

Wake Me Up…Before September Ends


I must confess, I really adore gossip magazines.  It’s the absolute best way for me to just sit down and relax during lunch after a long morning of library story times (with the most amazing kids, of course!) and event planning. Is this a guilty pleasure? Probably. But there’s just something about those pages and pages of celebrity photos and caption shorts that suck a reader right in for at least the next hour. And what’s better than coming to the library and reading our entire collection of free gossip magazines? Try staying home in your pajamas and reading them…. And yes, still for free.

Our Zinio database has the newest editions of many magazines, which can be accessed anytime, from anywhere. This month’s issue of Rolling Stone is of particular interest toRstoneCover me: let’s hear it for Green Day, everyone! During my college years, I absolutely loved this band. So much so that I’m willing to totally forgive Billie Joe Armstrong for his complete meltdown last year.  “Walking Alone” and being an “American Idiot” were just daily chants for me. But you’ve got to wake me up Before September Ends. After all, my birthday is on 9/26.

If that doesn’t do it for you, check out Zinio’s recent editions of US Magazine (I think we’re all dying to know how Snookie shed the weight) or OK
! (Ben & Jen in trouble? Personally, I don’t believe it for a second). If gossip mags aren’t your preference, try out some more of my favorite picks, like the beautiful photography included in National Geographic or the mouth-watering goodness inside Taste of Home. Oh, and there’s always Bride Magazine – that one is just plain fun to flip through, even if you’ve already tied the knot!

Special features include searchability within the database, magnification of each page, and a personal library of your favorite reads.  You can even download a Zinio Kindle app or Zinio reader for offline reading.

So, what about you – what is your favorite weekly or monthly magazine? If you’ve used our library’s Zinio subscription, what’s your favorite feature?


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