Posted by: HouPE | 03/13/2013

Gracias to another generous donor..

Perry Public Library would like to extend a loud and clear ‘gracias’ to Cemex employees. Cemex is a Cement Plant operated out of Clinchfield, Georgia. They make a monthly effort of community outreach. Past drives have included clothing and canned food. This month offered a drive that is near and dear to our hearts. This month’s drive was….. BOOKS!

authors 001

Brandon Howard of Cemex was kind enough to collect and deliver.  Their books followed a similar path as other donations and resulted in some treasures. As all donations come in, we process them for inclusion into the collection. Examples of items that would be added to the collection would be current bestsellers. When hot new titles are donated we like to add them to the collection to reduce the wait time on hold lists. Another example of items that would be added to our collection are materials that fill weak spots in the collection. This is where Cemex comes in…

authors 002

Someone at Cemex was kind enough to part with some Spanish language materials. We are excited to add these to our collection. Our adult spanish language collection could use some beefing up and we appreciate the help!

Donations received at branch libraries that aren’t added to the collection, go on to be processed by the Houston County Friends of the Library for sale. This year’s sale will be May 2 – 4th at the Georgia National Fairgrounds in Perry. Proceeds from the Friends of the Library Old Book Sale support new material purchases. So whether your donations are put directly on the shelf or are sold to fund new purchases, we appreciate your adding to our collection!

Thank you to the kind employees of Cemex!


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