Posted by: HouPE | 03/06/2013

Perry Library is proud to introduce….


Ms. Jill

We are thrilled to have Ms. Jill joining our staff at Perry Public Library as a circulation assistant.

Jill comes to us after six years of working in a school library. She offers a strong desire to serve others and a love for books. Her personal reading interests include mysteries, suspense, and cookbooks. As you can imagine she is a great resource for children’s literature recommendations.

An early love for the library is what drove Jill to originally begin as a volunteer in the school library. As a child she thought of the library as a magical place that she could take a vacation to any time or place. She jokes that she would look up in math class and her mind would travel to Robinson Crusoe Island. She’d come back around sometime during English. She’s maintained that love of reading and libraries.

Now you’ll have a name to match the new face at Perry Library. Or you can make her really feel like one of the gang and call her ‘staff’.


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