Posted by: kdo78 | 03/01/2013

The Dino Derby Starts Today!

What is the Houston County Library Dino Derby and what purpose does it serve?  Well, this is a fun time for all branches of the Houston County Library System to fundraise for the Children’s Programming.  It takes place the month of March and allows each library to compete against each other. The libraries (Centerville Public Library, Nola Brantley Memorial Library, and Perry Public Library) work on outdoing each other for the most patron support by way of contributions.

dino derby chalk 1

Also, the winning branch gets bragging rights for the whole year! In anticipation of this, each library has decked out their building in full dinosaur regalia, ready for the fun to begin. This is the Derby’s  third year and so far Perry has won every time. Needless to say, there has been much “talking smack” among all the branches and will likely continue for the duration of March. At the end of the month, the truth will out, as the winner will take its crown…….

dino derby bare bones

This is an important event because with the summer just around the corner, funds received from this drive help support our annual Summer Vacation Reading Program. All funding for this program comes from local businesses and giving patrons like you! Without your support we wouldn’t be able to offer fun events like Zombies Vs. Humans or Wii Nights, nor would we be able to host visiting performers like the wonderful puppeteer David Stephens.

So thank you for your patronage and caring donations.


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