Posted by: HOUCV | 02/26/2013

Keeping up with Your Books, Part 2: Book Bags & Shelfari

Last week, we heard a great testimonial from Mark of the Nola Brantley Library about his favorite way to keep up with his books: Good Reads. After reading such a statement, it definitely made me want to try out the site….and also go cuddle with those adorable dogs! This week, we’ve asked 2 staff members of the Centerville Public Library about how they like to keep up with their books electronically.

bookbagJoy, formally of the Centerville Public Library, really likes using the My Book Bags feature within the personal PINES library accounts.  (To learn how to access My Book Bags, read one of our previous blog posts here). This is what she has to say about this resource:

“I use it to separate all of the different kinds of books I want to read.  I have a Book bag called “Talked About” for books that someone has recommended or reviewed.  I have Book bags for ‘Other Fiction’ and ‘Other Non-Fiction;’ I even have a ‘Movies’ Book bag for DVDs that I want to watch! I only use the My Book bags for books I have not read, but bags can be created for items you read during your childhood or ones that you wish to read in the near future.  You can make bags for your favorite authors, genres, kid’s books, or combine ideas to come up with your own book bag creation! I also love the fact that you can share your bags with anyone else. This is really helpful if you are part of a book club or a local teacher. Also, you’ll know that everything you put in your book bag is within your reach, because it’s in the PINES system! When you’re finished with a bag, all you have to do is hit ‘delete’ – just that simple!”

Heather, also of the Centerville Public Library, enjoys the Shelfari resource for book organization. She says she loves this site “because not only can I put my books into categories of ‘I ShelfariPlan to Read,’ ‘I’m Reading’ and ‘I’ve Read,’ but I can also move my books around in to any order I want them. I like the design – it looks like a bookcase!  Most of my books are love stories categorized within the site. One thing I dislike about Shelfari is that it does not have an app. You can, however, become a member of book discussion groups and talk about what everyone is reading. You can have ‘friends’ too, kind of like a social network!”

If you have used either the Book Bag feature in PINES or the Shelfari website, let us know what you think about these resources. If you use a different electronic avenue to keep up with your books, please share with us in the comment section below.

Happy reading!


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