Posted by: HouPL | 02/22/2013

Under Construction

under construction


Have you been by the Nola Brantley Memorial Library lately? I mean the old building being renovated, not our temporary location. Well if you haven’t, you should! In basically one week, the face of the building went from “nice and pretty”- to having a gaping opening where the windows and doors were. It makes for a fantastic sight. Progress here we come….

photo 1

In the mean time, the staff and patrons seem to have settled in Baby Nola (as we affectionately like to call our temporary location) very well and with little problem. It’s much smaller and cozier, but it gets the job done. And while the staff can’t wait for the renovations to be completed, we are enjoying getting to know our patrons better in a more intimate setting.

If our renovations are inspiring you to begin your own, let me direct you to the 690’s in the nonfiction section of the library. This area contains information on home design and structures. Or if you don’t want to muddle with remodeling, but instead want to putter and create in your garden, check out the 712’s for garden and landscape designs. These can provide helpful tips and imaginative ideas for your spring and summer projects.



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