Posted by: HOUCV | 02/19/2013

Keeping up with Your Books, Part 1: GoodReads

Here at the Houston County Public Libraries, most of us staff are avid readers. Whether it’s the enthralling law tales of John Grisham or the can’t-put-it-down suspense of Suzanne Collins, we all have our favorites…and well, not-so-favorites. The trick is keeping up with what we like and don’t like/read and haven’t read (let’s face it…. Eventually they start running together a bit). And while we work at the library, our personal preference isn’t always alphabetical or Dewey decimal sorting (I know, shock and awe!).  So in light of this, we have asked some library staff to tell us a little about their favorite way to keep up with their books electronically.

Mark of the Nola Brantley Memorial Library prefers Goodreads to help him keep up with what he likes to read. This is what he has to say about this valuable online resource:


“I was asked to write a blurb describing what I enjoy about using Goodreads. My reason is simple: it keeps me organized. I’m constantly finding books that I want to read (working in a library will do that to you) and I need a way to keep track of them. In the past, I would use my iPhone to take a picture of a book that I wanted to read at a later time. However, those pictures always got lost amongst the hundreds of other pictures of my adorable dogs, delicious plates of sushi, and stunningly beautiful sunsets.

I heard about Goodreads from a library school classmate in 2010, and since then the way I manage my reading has never been the same. With Goodreads you create virtual bookshelves – the standards are “read,” “currently-reading,” and “to-read.” You can also create custom shelves for whichever topic you desire, such as zombies, romance, or zombie romances.

Goodreads has rolled out a host of cool tools over the years (too many to list in this short blurb), but the feature that I use most is the barcode scanner. It uses your smartphone’s camera to scan the book’s barcode and then display the book on your screen. From there you can assign the book to one of your shelves. I love how this feature keeps me organized and allows room on my camera roll for pictures of more important things, like these adorable faces.”

mark's dogs

If you already use Goodreads, tell us your favorite part of the website.

Also, be sure to tune in next Monday for part 2, where we’ll hear from other staff members about how they like to keep up with their books!


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