Posted by: HouPL | 02/15/2013

New Non-Fiction at Nola Brantley Memorial Library

cloud lamp

I don’t know about you, but I love a good trivia science book. You know, the ones that select some outlandish question (the unanswerable kind your kid always asks you about) and then explains how it happened in scientific terms. For example, they contemplate “why do tigers have stripes while most cats have spots?” and “how can clouds form to look like the Aladdin’s lamp?”


If you enjoy literature such as this, we have a brand new book, perfect for you….Why are Orangutans Orange: Science Questions in Pictures-with Fascinating Answers.

But if trivia is not for you, the Nola Brantley Memorial Library has other new Non-Fiction books such as…cooking! Woohoo! My favorite of these is the volume Better Homes and Gardens has just published: Year-round Slow Cooker Recipes; a large binder of great recipes for slow cooking. With the dreary February weather coming up, it is a great time to try out new soups and meals. Soul-food cooking is a must on wet and windy days….

But if these subjects aren’t quite what you like to read, the Nola Brantley received other new non-fiction books; from photography and art (like The Mammoth Book of Street Art) to guides on hunting (such as The Ultimate Guide to Calling, Rattling, and Decoying Whitetails).

mammoth book of street art

page in book of street art


So come in and check it out!



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