Posted by: HouPE | 02/13/2013

What are those Perry Homeschoolers up to?

Perry Library’s Homeschool Group spent January getting personal with history. Previously some of the students had constructed personal narratives. Building upon these, each student worked to construct a biographical sketch of a family member.  This consisted of a multi-step process that exercised their writing and research muscles. Students interviewed family members to build a personal history and research their family.

One student constructed a timeline to illustrate her father's life.

One student constructed a timeline to illustrate her father’s life.

These students learned that history isn’t something that occurred in books. History is part of their family’s experience. The interviews helped them to construct a time line and biography of a loved one. Our homeschoolers uncovered some very interesting history to share with one another. One biography shared a family experience of escaping the Fall of Saigon. Another biography included the Spanish Civil War and living in France’s concentration camps. Can you beat those lessons?

The students worked on their projects independently but met back weekly on Thursdays for homeschool group. During this time, the students shared their progress with one another. They then peer edited one another’s drafts. The final session included presentations for the group and family members at the library. Some of their final project presentations are on display at Perry Library and will remain up for the remainder of the month. Please plan on stopping in to see them!

Ms. Yolanda is excited to explore ‘Inventions as Problem Solving’ with the homeschool group during the month of February. Students will explore past inventions and use their creativity to solve problems in new ways. They will spend the month creating blueprints or prototypes of their inventions to share. Homeschoolers are welcome to join the group on Thursdays at 11:15 at the Perry Library. Students should be able to read and write independently.


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