Posted by: HOUCV | 01/28/2013

What’s Happening at Centerville in February


Well folks, it’s the romance month – the perfect time to read all those wonderful valentine books to our story time kiddos. But guess what? We’re not doing that! That’s right, we’ve decided to reserve all those magnificent, kid-friendly love stories for you to take home and read to your kids in the comfort of your own home – so come check them out!  So, you may be asking, “what are you doing at the library in February?” Well, let me break it down for you:

February 3-9

Come join us for storytime this week as we read exciting books about those big grey animals with the long noses – elephants! But before we do that, we will host our homeschool teens at Gray Elephant Clipart2 PM and their 3-6 grade siblings at 3 PM on the 4th. Also at 3 is a storytime for everybody, of all ages! Now, that’s what I call having your bases covered! Special bedtime stories will be on the 5th for all ages at 6:30 PM.  Don’t forget to bring your favorite blanket, stuffed critter, and pajamas! Then, on the 8th we will be hosting Lincoln the lab from 3:45-5:45 PM. This adorable therapy dog visits us every month, and LOVES to hear kids read to him! Pre-registration is required for this program, and your child must be able to read independently to participate.

February 10-16

This week, we will be reading about rhinos and hippos! We will also be holding our regular Monday activities (homeschool and all ages storytime) on the 11th.  We will have a special program on the 14th for 3-6 grade – a big poetry slam! Bring your own poems or those from a book and read them aloud to us. Finally, Kejdi the standard poodle will be here to listen to your little ones read to her! Her program will run from 12 -1 PM on the 16th. As with Lincoln, pre-registration is required, and your child must be able to read independently to participate.

February 17-23

Feather-Pen-vectorStorytimes will be about giraffes and zebras! Also, don’t forget that the library will be closed on the 18th for President’s Day.  On the 19th, the teens (ages 11-17) will have their opportunity to compete in a big poetry slam, just for them! For more info about the slam, contact Ms. Penny at the Centerville Library.

February 24-28

From the information above, you may have noticed a storytime theme – animals! So for this last week in February, we thought we’d read stories about a place where you can go to visit all these humongous critters and much more – the zoo! We will also be holding our regular Monday activities on the 25th.


For our full storytime schedule and calendar of events, don’t forget to visit and click on “programs/events” at the top. As always, feel free to call us anytime for more information at 953-4500 X4 or email We look forward to seeing you in February!


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