Posted by: HouPL | 01/04/2013


From: Colonel Meow                            

Age: 2

Location: Los Angeles, California

Purpose: World Domination; Spreading the Frown

Greetings minions,

My name is Colonel Meow, Colonel Meow to my friends, and I live out West reigning over my subjects while plotting their demise. I have discovered there is an unfortunate movement to impede my progress and ruin my master plan of global supremacy. #MinionMutiny

This book, How to Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You by Matthew Inman, is one such example of this mutiny. I do not approve of this book. It is especially unfortunate that the PINES Library System circulates this rabble-rousing and seditious piece of literature. #ShouldBeOnBannedBooksList


I would instead suggest reading the other books located in the 636.8 non-fiction section of the library. Here you will find information regaling the reader of the superiority of the feline species. #Itsalltrue But whatever you do, stay away from 636.7! #WhoCaresAboutDogsAnyway  #CatsRuleDogsDrool

For further comments and instructions you can follow me on Facebook @!/colonelmeowinthecity


Colonel Meow


This is me studying for when my ascendancy comes to fruition. #ItIsInevitable  #

how to win



  1. This is the best cat ever.

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