Posted by: HouPE | 12/28/2012

The Public Library: Your New Year Resolution Headquarters!

resolutionAccording to, some New Year’s Resolutions are popular year after year. Here at Houston County Public Library, we take pride in connecting our patrons to resources that support their personal goals. So let’s take on the challenge of supporting the most common New Year’s Resolutions…

Eat Healthy – Too easy… Just stop in section 613.25 for diet and nutrition books and 641.5 for cookbooks. We have it all: paleo, vegan, the zone, atkins, raw, south beach, vegetarian… you pick your path and we’ll find a way to support you in it!

Exercise More – Yes we can even help with this! Of course we have books such as yoga, strength training, fitness walking… but did you know we have exercise videos too? Why not mix up your routine with a bootcamp or latin dance work out video?

Learn something newWell, this depends upon what you would like to learn new.

  • Maybe a new language? Try Mango Language Learning Software. Pick your level of interest: are you traveling soon and want to be friendly with the locals or do you desire to become fluent? There are a variety of levels available. All you need to access this resource is a library card and internet access.
  • Is this the year you will become computer literate or improve your computer skills? The Fort Valley State University Mobile Information Technology Center will resume making their rounds, teaching computer skills to Houston County patrons. Their first stop will be at the Centerville Public Library on January 16th, 17th & 18th. Topics covered will be basic computing, resume building, Microsoft Word and Excel. The Technology Center will visit the other Houston County Libraries as well in the following months. Check with your branch to find out when they will be there and what the class offerings will be.

Save Money – Visit Dewey 332.024 to find books on budgeting such as the Tightwad Gazette, or The Complete Idiots Guide to Stretching Your Dollar. Join us at Perry Library on Tuesday, January 22d to learn how to use coupons and household management skills to slash your food and household item budget.

Spend More Time With Loved OnesBoy oh boy, options abound here! If a day out on the town is more your speed we have you covered! What fits your fancy? Pick up a pass to a State Park, Go Fish Educational Center or Atlanta Zoo! They’ll cover the cost of your admission. Look at that, we’ll meet two resolutions – save you money and spend time with your loved ones!

Get Organized – Maybe you are wasting money and time with loved ones because you can’t find anything? Is this the year that you are going to tame the clutter? Would you like to find all of those items that you put some place that you would never forget? Join us Tuesday, January 15th for a presentation by professional organizer, Andi Willis. She is the owner and operator of Good Life Organizing here within Houston County. Her presentations are always entertaining and informative.

Have we touched upon your New Year’s Resolution yet? If not, then comment with your resolution and we’ll take that as a challenge to find resources to support you!


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