Posted by: HOUCV | 12/17/2012

A Creative Christmas at the Centerville Public Library

Our tree, just for kid's creations!

Our tree, just for kid’s creations!

Picture this, parents: your child goes to elementary school or daycare this time of year and comes home with a very unique creation that’s meant to help trim the Christmas tree.  Whether you see this creation as something you recognize or not, you are always quick to compliment your child’s artwork and instantly instruct them to pick just the right place on the tree for their new ornament.  And when it’s once again time for the tree to enter into its semi-permanent home in the attic, you just can’t seem to make yourself throw out your child’s unique creation. Somehow, it shows up on the tree annually, for years and years to come.Although I am not yet a parent, I remember this scenario from my own childhood – I would make the ornaments (recognizable or not) and my parents have cherished the memory by retaining most of them to this day. Here at the Centerville Public Library, we have recognized how special these home-made creations can be. That’s why we have erected a special children’s tree, just for such ornaments.  We invite all our littlest library patrons to pick a cut-out, decorate it however they wish, and hang it on our tree so everyone can see their creativity!

Our Christmas book tree

Our Christmas book tree

But this isn’t the only way in which the Centerville Library has chosen to observe Christmas creativity.  We have been retaining valuable book donations from many of you, but have often pondered ways in which to use them between now and the annual Friends of the Library Book Sale.  Well folks, here’s our best idea yet: a Christmas book tree! Before you laugh, look at the picture…. It’s actually very cool. It’s received many compliments and photos since it was built last week.  Thank you for all your donations, and feel free to drop off your old or unwanted books to us anytime!

To decorate a unique ornament for the children’s tree or view or book tree, drop into the Centerville Public Library anytime before the New Year.

So, how about you – did you make any home-made tree ornaments that your parents still have today? Tell us about them!


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