Posted by: HouPE | 12/12/2012

We’re on parade!

On December 1st, all three Houston County Public Libraries participated in their community Christmas parades.  Warner Robins Christmas parade kicks off the holiday fun with the earliest parade of all.


The Warner Robins Christmas Parade was a success! Lots of good cheer was spread and many “Merry Christmases” were shouted. The Nola Brantley Memorial Library entourage was escorted by Apple Dumplin’ -our library cart horse, and who else but THE GRINCH! The Grinch, as he was being pulled by his faithful dog Max, in a most un-Grinch like way, waved to the crowd as he passed. He was a big hit with the children and adults lining the street. After the 2 mile route had been walked, the Grinch stopped at the corner of Myrtle St. and Watson Blvd., the temporary location of the Nola Brantley Memorial Library. Here is where he has decided to make his holiday home- and if you come and visit us, make sure to tell him hello!

** A huge congratulations to Nola Brantley who earned a trophy for the Best Marching Unit**


Perry Library’s staff covered the afternoon parade in Perry. We were shouting our chants! We were spinning our book carts! We were thrilled to share our enthusiasm for library services in Perry’s parade. Boy, o boy did the crowd respond. This year the Perry Public Library entered the parade with our book cart drill team. Have you heard of those? Think synchronized swimming with book carts. We marched. We had formation changes. There was shushing. A great time was had by all! We hope all of you have a very Peachy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

CV parade


Once again, the Centerville Public Library participated in the city’s lighted parade, this year as the Polar Express! We participated with truck and trailer, which was thoroughly decorated as the story book-turned-movie train, plus reindeer, snowmen, and a lighted sign. 6 adults and 4 children rode on the “train,” which took about an hour to complete since we were able to recycle a ready-made Polar Express used on the Warner Robins parade last year. Although our lights didn’t work again (for the second year in a row!), the community patrons recognized the glittering train and were very excited to see the library participating in the parade. We are thrilled with the results, and hope to continue our parade tradition well into the future – but with working lights!


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