Posted by: HOUCV | 12/10/2012

Queen of the Nile: Murder Mystery at the Centerville Public Library

On Tuesday, November 20, an attempted murder was committed at the Centerville Public Library.  A female student by the name of Amara Fahdi was found injured and unconscious at the bottom of a staircase near the school gym during prom.  She was a senior at Nordham Academy who had just been crowned Queen of the Nile (a.k.a prom queen) during an “Evening at the Pyramids.”  No witnesses to Amara’s fall had been identified, but detectives heavily investigated the crime.

O.k., o.k…. in order not to worry you any further about these events, I should probably mention that this was a teen program. In other words, there was no such actual incident at the Centerville Public Library… Whew!

One of our teen “suspects” laying down in the taped area

Now that we have that out of the way, let me give you the lowdown on how this program played out.  We had 10 “suspects” and around 6 “detectives,” all of whom were played by our area teens ranging in age from 11 to 17.  Each “suspect” – who was either a friend of Amaras or otherwise knew her from school – was required to give statements to the “detectives” about their whereabouts during the incident.  Although all suspects had some very interesting things to say, some of the most crucial were 4 somewhat related events that helped our teens figure out what happened. The character of Erin Stepnik had been Amara’s friend for years, but had recently broken up with Dylan Jackson (another suspect). Well, Amara had decided to go to prom with Dylan, and that made Erin pretty irritated.  Anyway, she had a pretty good alibi, so it probably wasn’t her. Then, there was Brent Burks.  He was a high-achieving student who had recently taken a test that Amara accused him of cheating on.  Brent said this in his statement, but made it clear that he wouldn’t actually hurt Amara and had a pretty good alibi to back it up. Hmm….. later, Brent’s mother Clare – who served as a chaperone at the prom – made a statement that she was furious about Amara’s accusations about her son, but stated she went outside “to smoke” during the time of the incident. Problem was, nobody saw her do this… but was she found guilty?

The actress who played Clare Burks was found guilty!

Oh yes, she was! That crazy Clare Burks disliked Amara so much for trying to ruin her son’s chances at going to an Ivy League college that she pushed her right down the gym stairs and tried to cover it up! Due to such a travesty, she was cuffed and sentenced to 15 years in a maximum security prison. Ouch! Thankfully, Amara experienced a full recovery after a night at the hospital. And once again, all was well at the library, thanks to some very keen and intuitive detective work.

The teens and adults alike had a wonderful time attending and participating in this program! If you’re disappointed that you missed it, don’t worry! We have special teen programs on the 3rd Tuesday of every month… well, except for in December. Next month, we will have a special Wii gaming night on Dec. 11 starting at 6 PM…mark your calendars!


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