Posted by: HouPE | 11/29/2012

Family Book Wreath Night at Perry Library

On Tuesday, November 20th, the Perry Library meeting room was full of enthusiastic families dismantling books. They tore off covers and pulled out pages in a frenzy! ~ And we encouraged every minute of it!

This program was another installment in a series of craft nights inspired by The Repurposed Library: 33 Craft Projects That Give Old Books New Life by Lisa Occhipinti. Occassionally a book will become so damaged or worn that it can no longer continue circulation. The condition of these items make it so that they are not able to be donated to the Friends of the Library for sale either. These books make great materials for one of a kind crafts!

Our November program was in keeping with the holiday season. We made wreaths! Some participants chose to stick with the instructions from The Repurposed Library, others tried pinterest, and other devised their own technique! The results were not only beautiful but also a room full of laughter!

If you’ve missed this event, consider joining us for the 2d helping. We will offer the next Repurpose the Library: Family Wreath Night on Tuesday, December 20th at 5:30 – 7:30. Please bring your own wreath form. All other materials will be provided. Registration is required so that the adequate supplies are available. You may register either by stopping by the circulation desk or calling 478-987-3050 x21.

If you friend us on Facebook you can see all upcoming events and RSVP there as well. We look forward to shredding some books with you!


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