Posted by: HouPE | 11/14/2012

Found on the shelf at Perry Library

I’m going to pitch a wild and crazy idea here… just hear me out. I think you might agree after you hear the whole thing. But I know it’s going to sound pretty out there initially so I’m counting on you to hang in there with me… Ready?

What if we had a holiday that fell between Halloween and the winter holidays?

Seriously, I think it would be great. It shouldn’t be gimmicky though. Just a holiday to come together. Maybe it would be best to have some sort of theme though… Perhaps harvest or daylight savings time… no, no, I’ve got it! Thankfulness. It’s perfect. We can all take a moment to be thankful before the bustle of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa. We could just enjoy our friends and family, maybe eat some yummy food. Heck, let’s take the day off of work! What do you think?

We already have that?! Are you sure?

Well, I’ll be… as it turns out there is a holiday. It’s called Thanksgiving! How appropriate. If you too were misled by all of the winter holiday decorations available in stores, you will love this book that I just found on the shelf.

This book is a delightful collection of Thanksgiving history, folklore, poems, prayers, recipes, and traditions.  After dinner games are sure to keep everyone jovial.

Should your crew truly want to celebrate the holiday fully, be sure to include the traditional Thanksgiving songs. That’s right! Thanksgiving songs!

Try a verse from “Turkey in the Straw”.

Went out to milk and I didn’t know how,
I milked the goat instead of the cow,
Saw a turkey strut on a pile of straw
while a’winking at his mother-in-law.

Turkey in the straw, Straw! Straw!
Turkey in the hay, Hay! Hay!
Roll ’em up and twist ’em up a high tuck a haw,
And we’ll play a little tune_ called the “Turkey in the Straw!”

This and many more tradtional Thanksgiving treasures are preserved within The Thanksgiving Book Created by Jerome Agel and Jason Shulman.


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