Posted by: HOUCV | 10/22/2012

Found on the Shelf at Centerville

I love the author Meg Cabot! If you have no idea who she is you are missing out on her wonderful stories.  She is mostly known for her series The Princess Diaries. But my all time favorite series is Heather Wells Mystery.

The first book in the Heather Wells Mystery series is Size 12 is Not Fat.  Heather Wells is a former pop star and is a size 12.  She works in a residence hall as an assistant.   Residents in her residence hall begin dying mysteriously, and she is the only one who doesn’t believe the explanation given by the police.  She convinces Cooper, a P.I. to help her find the killer.  On her quest, she makes several false assumptions before she is tricked by the killer.  Eventually, she figures out who the culprit is–but is she too late?

Who wouldn’t want to read a good mystery like this one?

There are 4 books in all in the series: Size 12 is Not Fat, Size 14 is Not Fat Either, Big Boned and Size 12 and Ready to Rock.

To find more of Meg Cabot’s book check out her website  To find out if Meg Cabot’s books are available at the library check out our catalog here.


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