Posted by: HouPE | 10/17/2012

Why do they call this homeschooling…

…if we’re never at home?

On any given school day, Houston County Public Libraries are host to homeschoolers of all ages. The libraries offer a variety of services and resources that are helpful to homeschooling families. Internet access is a common lure. Some of our homeschoolers use either Georgia Cyber Academy or Georgia Connections Academy. Both of these schools, among other homeschool curricula providers require an internet connection for some activities. This can spell trouble for a family who experiences an internet outage. Or even more importantly, some parts of Georgia are still rural enough that they struggle with maintaining a high-speed internet connection. The library provides the constant internet connection these families need to use these cyber schools. That the internet is free is just a great perk!

Another way that we stuff the library to the gills with homeschoolers is with homeschool classes. Ms. Yolanda, our children’s specialist offers a homeschool workshop on Thursdays at 11:15. The current theme is The Wild, Wild West.  After Wild, Wild West, Ms. Yolanda will explore mysteries with all ages. The homeschool workshops blend together reading, writing, history, and research skills. In the past students have worked together to publish their own poetry collections and perform original plays.

Parents also enjoy the seemingly endless supply of homeschool resources. The most common method of support for parent/teachers is the endless supply of books. It’s fantastic that parents can browse the library catalog and reserve the items that they need whenever it is convenient for them. The library then sends an alert, either email or phone call, when the items are available for pick up. It’s like having an assistant teacher on hand to help gather your resources.

Students and parents alike can benefit from library online resources. Mango Language Learning is a great free software available with a library card. Languages available are Spanish, French, German, and Chinese.  Learning Express offers subject and grade level specific skills assessments and practice. Learning Express also offers a great frequently asked questions for parents considering homeschooling.

For parents considering homeschooling, we offer a plethora of new and dependable books that address homeschool specific books can be found in Dewey Decimal Number: 371.04.

Whether it be for computer access, classes, or resources, the library is a perfect fit for homeschooling families. And at the cost of free, the price is right!The library prides itself on meeting the unique needs of our patrons and improving our community. We are making the difference in the lives of homeschoolers and our county. If you agree, write your representative now!


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