Posted by: HouPE | 10/16/2012

Silly kids, Perry Library is for Grownups!

Many people become acquainted with libraries as children. Their parent or caregiver brings them regularly for story times. Students return later to work on school projects and college assignments. Then *some* adults vanish from the library scene with the mistaken impression that the library is for families with young children. Well, just in case you are an adult that falls into this mistaken belief let me assure you that the library caters to more than the younger set.

In addition to the latest best sellers, Perry Public Library offers regular programming to our adult patrons. We have clubs, activities and educational events available to adults 18 years of age and older. Whatever your interest, there is something for you! Check out one of our regularly scheduled activities or a special event.

The first Thursday of each month hosts our Lunch & Learn series. It’s call Lunch & Learn because it’s held during the lunch time hour and you have the opportunity to learn! The event begins at 12:15 to allow those with a 12:00 to 1:00 lunch hour to have enough time to grab their lunch and get to the library. From 12:15 to 12:45 you will be escorted through one of the library free resources available with your library card. The presentation will end in time to have you back to work on time! Topics vary by month and include library services such as, OneClick Digital, Mango Language Learning Software and much more. Upcoming topics and topics are as follows: OneClick Digital (11/1/12), Zinio (12/1/12), Mango Language Learning and Signing Savvy (1/3/13).

The first Friday of each month is reserved for our Mature & Valuable Patron Advisory Board. These individuals plan and implement programs, services and volunteer opportunities for patrons of all ages. All community members over 55 years of age and action minded are welcome to attend. The meetings start at 10:30 and last for approximately an hour. Upcoming dates are 11/2/12, 12/7/12 and 1/4/13.

The second Wednesday of each month is an all call for area writers. Writers of all genres are invited to make Perry Library part of their writing practice. The meeting room will be open and available from 3:00 to 5:30 for our writers. We will have a variety of writing helps available.  Upcoming dates are 11/14/12, 12/12/12, and 1/9/13.

The Perry Mystery Book Club is a favorite amongst those that enjoy “who-done-it.” Each month the Mystery Book Club selects a different mystery author. They select any book from that author to review. In the next meeting everyone shares what they enjoyed or didn’t about that particular selection and whether they would recommend it to others. During the month of October, members are reading Agatha Christie. Join us for this upcoming discussion on 10/26 at 10:30 in the meeting room. If you are unable to attend, give the library a call and we’ll let you know who the group voted to review for the next meeting.

In addition to these regularly scheduled events, we also have at least one special interest event per month. The programs are taught by experts in their fields. We’ve had financial planners teach personal finance. A professional organizer has taught us to tame the paperwork stacks that clutter our homes.  Other programs have included craft projects, coupon classes, local history, and genealogy.

November offers the perk of having two adult programs. Tuesday, November 13th we will have Coupon Class I with Tammy: The Basics from 5:30 to 7:30.  Tuesday, November 20th will be a Repurpose the Library night. We use books too damaged to continue circulating to create something new. During this event we will create a book wreath. Due to planning needs, these special events require pre-registration.

The Lunch & Learn, MVP meeting, Wednesday Write-In, and Mystery Book Club are all drop in events. Feel free to grab a friend and drop in for any of these events that strike your fancy!


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