Posted by: houwr | 10/03/2012

“The Game is Afoot:” Finding the Next Sherlock Holmes

Have you ever wanted to meet a famous actor/actress? Maybe a big name like Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jones, or Kirsten Dunst? If you think you’d like to get to know a star, I think I have the perfect opportunity for you to meet the next Robert Downey, Jr. (which is pretty good, if you ask me)!

In case you haven’t heard, Warner Robins has an active theatre company that gives you opportunities to  sit down and enjoy a  great, locally-produced show! Their next big event will feature the mystery/comedy Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Jersey Lily. The script for this play opens with a robbery, followed by Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson basking in their traditional Baker Street surroundings. A potential client approaches their quarters where Holmes analyzes her, listens to her problem, and decides to act in her favor. So far, the plot is similar to most Sherlock tales, but this one is special – the clients are actually historical figures Lilly Langtry and Oscar Wilde. Holmes is charged with seizing the evil Professor Moriarty, who has stolen intimate letters written by Lilly… but will he succeed?

If this sounds like your kind of story line, you’re in luck! The Warner Robins Little Theatre will be holding performances starting at the end of October. That means I’ve given you just enough time to brush up on some background knowledge by coming to the library and flipping through our many, many theatre works! Theater in America is a great theatrical overview written by Curator Mary C. Henderson. She evaluates significant trends in playwriting, in the taste of audiences, and in acting theory and practice. We also own an entire work on Stage Crafts and Truth In Comedy to help you with your improvisation abilities. If you are not much of an actor yourself and simply need to become more of a Sherlock Holmes connoisseur, you’ll want to check out The Real World of Sherlock Holmes and our Sherlock Holmes Apocrypha. Play dates will run from the end of October through the first week of November. For membership info and directions to the theater, visit their website here. Not into theater watching? The Company could also use your valuable volunteer time to ensure successful performances! There are several opportunities to help out with back-stage props, sound board activities, or reservation assistance. Also, you will find that the theater company holds auditions for their performances! If you are a big-time actor at heart (or in real life, for that matter), make sure you check out their next round of auditions and see which part fits you best.

To check for Nola Brantley Memorial Library’s availability of any of the above-mentioned books or Sherlock Holmes DVDs, please contact us at (478)923-0128 or drop in during regular library hours.


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