Posted by: HouPE | 10/01/2012

Join Us for a Walk through Perry History

Once upon a time there was a small southern town. This town has been known as “Crossroads of Georgia” due to the intersection of so many highways. These roads brought travelers from all around to stay at the historical hotel located at the center of the town. The hotel frequently hosted President Jimmy Carter’s family and many more notable guests. While the hotel was busy entertaining interesting guests from all over, the town had its own interesting inhabitants. Sports standouts and war heroes live right along side residents that were worthy inspirational stories just in living out their daily lives.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Believe it or not this rich history belongs to our very own Perry, Georgia!

Whether you are a new transplant to the area or native-born, there’s something to discover or uncover in Perry’s past. We hope you will join us and Ms. Ellie Loudermilk of The Perry Area Historical Society in uncovering some of Perry’s unique history.

Start your journey back through time with a good read.  Perry Public Library has compiled a list of local history books and authors for your enjoyment. Some of these books are items that are usually unavailable for checkout at Perry Public Library. Biographies, memoirs, and historical photo books provide great reading. These items will also lend historical context to the upcoming program to be offered by Ms. Loudermilk.

On October 16th at 6:00 p.m., Ms. Ellie will visit Perry Public Library prepared to lead a photographic journey through Perry’s history. Her discussion will cover significant events and Perry history. While the reading list is a great starting point in preparing for this program, the reading isn’t a prerequisite.  The discussion will need to be capped at 45 minutes to allow time for the third and final portion of the program.

Immediately following the presentation here at Perry Public Library, participants will travel two doors down to The Perry Area Historical Society Museum for a private tour of the museum led by Ms. Loudermilk. This portion of the event should also last approximately forty-five minutes. Ms. Loudermilk emphasizes that the collection at the museum is constantly fluctuating. The museum receives new donations regularly and rotates displays to keep the exhibits fresh. Even if you’ve toured previously, odds are a lot of what you’ll see will be new to you.

This event was prompted by The Perry Public Library MVP Advisory Board and coordinated in partnership with the Perry Area Historical Society. If you would like to take a more meaningful role in the events at your library, and you meet the criteria of a Mature & Valuable Patron, join us on the 1st Friday of each month at 10:30 in the Perry Public Library’s meeting room.


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