Posted by: houwr | 09/12/2012

The Motivated Couch Potato

Remember back when I made the confession about my Pinterest addiction? Well, folks, welcome to the 2nd edition of “Laura’s confessions 101.” This time, I have something else to share — even more shocking and disturbing than a simple website obsession.

As much as it pains me to say it (or, in this case, type), here goes:

I watch reality TV.

I’m not just talking about the fist-pumping wonder of Jersey Shore or the fashion-forwardness of Clinton and Stacey’s advice on What Not to Wear (although if I’m honest, I’ve definitely watched both of those shows on occasion…well, o.k. maybe regularly, but anyway…).

My real confession surrounds shows like Swamp People, American Pickers, Pawn Stars, and Ax Men. Who doesn’t get a thrill from hearing Troy’s constant “Choot ‘em!” command and seeing Shelby’s daring Louisiana swamp logging antics on Ax Men (who, by the way, used to live with a friend of mine’s brother… I’ve heard inside stories of his craziness!)? After thinking about the relationship of these shows, I began to realize – they all serve as inside documentaries to the life and times of those who have chosen unconventional occupations. I never would have thought that someone could earn a living by selling and buying old things or hunting alligators. If we’re all honest with ourselves, these are not occupations that usually come first in our minds for typical career choices.
So, how does this tie in with the library? Well, we have lots and lots (and lots) of books about careers, jobs, resumes, and cover letters  – basically just about any resource you can think of that would help you select a career (typical or not) and do what it takes to successfully land a job in that profession.

First up is the Occupational Outlook Handbook, which lists job descriptions and information for over 340 occupations, including logisticians, models, train engineers, and private investigators. Ever thought of pursuing a career in blogging? It’s becoming more and more popular, and Blogging for Dummies will guide you to success in the field. This book answers questions about blog hosting, proper etiquette, and establishing RSS feeds.  We also own a 5-volume Encyclopedia of Careers and Vocational Guidance… basically we want to make sure you have as many resources as possible to establish a great career for you, even in a tough economy!

To check for Nola Brantley Memorial Library’s availability of these books or select season(s) of Pawn Stars or Swamp People, contact us at (478)923-0128.

So, how about you – have you ever thought about pursuing an unconventional career option?


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