Posted by: HOUCV | 08/29/2012

Found on the Shelf in Centerville

Patrons always ask us to recommend books.  It gets a little difficult when you do not read the same genre of books as the patron talking to you.  I personally read a lot of the young adult books and they veer toward the supernatural side.  So when a patron comes looking for a legal thriller I turn to Ms. Cindy.  Recently she found the author Robert Dugoni.

Robert Dugoni has written seven books with the main character, lawyer David Sloane.  Here in Houston County we own five of his books, but don’t worry in the PINES systems we have them all and can get them for you.  Check out our website to see if any of Robert’s books are available.

In Robert Dugoni series of books, attorney David Sloane is beginning to suspect that his professional success stems not from extraordinary legal skills, but a rare gift that allows him to influence, and even control a jury’s decisions. Teaming up with a former CIA agent turned recluse and a West Virginia police detective, Sloane will try to solve a murder purposely cast as a suicide. If he can stay alive, he just might expose a 30-year conspiracy that could extend as far as the Oval Office and topple a presidency.


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