Posted by: HouPE | 08/27/2012

Back to school, Back to the Library!

Back to school means back to routines.

Back to school means back to extracurricular activities.

Back to school means back to books!

The combination of extra demands on your time along with the demands of school due dates leaves families with time management challenges. Next thing you know your child has a three to five-page paper due on the a rainforest animal. This paper requires information on the animal’s habitat, food chain, behavior, and a picture would be great! Did we mention that it is now Saturday evening and your child’s rough draft is due on Monday? Oh and by the way, the teacher says no Wikipedia or Google resources. Ut oh.

Well unless you happen to be a rainforest enthusiast with tons of animal resources lying around, you need help. And that is exactly what Houston County library has to offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We have web resources available to patrons of all ages through our website. You can count on our resources to be credible and reliable.

So your child is thrilled with howler monkeys and you need to find as much information as possible, and quick. Your first step is to visit When you hover over the Online Resources tab, a drop down menu appears. The bottom option is Research Guides, click here.

One Research Guide is entitled Research Tools for Students Grades K-8. This research guide will take you from desperation to success in no time! A research guide is a collection of links to resources compiled by a librarian. The librarian has already researched the sources to determine their credibility. So you already know you can trust them.

Now back to those howler monkeys… A great place to start is on the entry Kids Search.  Once you click on Kids Search you will be directed to the GALILEO home page. This screen will prompt you to enter a password. The password is available at your local library. Once you enter the password you will be directed to the Kids Search database and see the following screen:

Click there and enter your search term: howler monkey and click the go button. You will receive the following return:

The search then provides a variety of returns that contain your search terms. You can narrow these terms by using the buttons across the top such as newspapers, books, etc. In this instance the student is looking for a picture of the animal, howler monkey. So I would click on the far right option, Photo. The following item is returned:

The research guides for the other topics and academic levels work in a similar manner. You can have the benefits of visiting your local library at your own convenience. You don’t have to worry about when the library closes or how to fit the visit in between sports practice and school. The library’s virtual services are available when and where you need them!


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