Posted by: houwr | 07/23/2012

Pinterest: The Visual Representation of Book-Related Goodness

Some of you won’t admit it, and it can almost be down-right embarrassing to confess to it. Many of us have seen it, and it has somehow sucked us in and kept us coming back. I’ll admit, it’s become a weakness and almost an online necessity of mine, so I may as well just go ahead and say it:

I’m addicted to Pinterest.

I just can’t seem to get enough of those amazing recipes and cleaning tips.  And if it wasn’t for those funny pictures and helpful craft ideas, I wouldn’t be able to laugh my way into successful wreath-making sessions and DIY canvas photos (by the way, the Houston County Public Library system also has lots of cookbooks and crafting resources,  so check it out!). But most of all, I must say – I love the countless boards about books, shelves, and amazing libraries.  The idea of creating a visual library of your own and sharing it with your friends is a great social networking tool that can keep you entertained while also having the potential to introduce you to your next good read.  I’ve heard the saying many times: never judge a book by its cover. Pinterest, however…. well, we’re taking the cover, posting a picture of it, and letting our followers give the reviews. While this may allow for some gray area (but probably not 50 shades of it), you are usually receiving feedback from trustworthy friends. Now that sounds like an innovative book review system!

But let’s take Pinterest and turn it into a tool that actual libraries can use.  To me, the potential for that is huge – we could create boards about upcoming programs, research, historic archives, library display ideas, community pictures… the possibilities are endless! New York Public Library, Omaha Public Library, and Ohio Library are a few of the many libraries that have already begun creating boards and pinning interesting resources. Oh, and our good friend who is the NoveList database also has its very own Pinterest accountl!

Other very bookish pin boards include those created by such users as Teressa, Jessica, Jennifer, and Kimmy.

Remember that when you discover a new book on Pinterest, come to your local  Houston County Library branch to  check it out. Now that I have successfully provided you with a few hours of book-related Pinterest entertainment, I’d like to ask you – what is your favorite book and/or library-related Pinterest board? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below!


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