Posted by: HouPE | 07/20/2012

Guess Who Won the Dino Derby….

Houston County Youth!!

This May, Houston County Libraries held their 2nd annual Dino Derby. The Dino Derby is an annual friendly competition between the three branches of the Houston County Public Libraries. Each branch has two Dinos at their circulation and/or children’s desks. The dinos are fueled by your donations. The branch with the highest dino tally at the end of the derby gets bragging rights for a whole year!

This year when these guys squared off…

Perry library earned bragging rights for the second year in a row!!

So how does this tie in with all of Houston County youth? Because funds raised are all used to enhance each libraries children’s programming! This year, as always, Dino funds were a major part of bringing a fantastic Vacation Reading Program at all three branches in Houston County.

Perry Library’s Summer Vacation Reading Program definitely benefitted from the Dinos! Those dinos’ hard work brought about lots of craft supplies for all sorts of activities. We made pirate crafts at the Pirate Party. We made picture frames at the Princess Tea Party. The teens decorated their Young Adult space for the summer and the children’s’ space was decorated as well. Did we mention the Discovery Dome?

The Discovery Dome is a portable planetarium and science lab from the Museum of Arts & Sciences in Macon. As part of our summer programming, the Discovery Dome visited Perry Public Library. There were 6 shows for up to 25 children at each show. Each showing was a virtual field trip either throughout the Solar System, the Earth’s history or through the human body. It was not only very educational but lots of fun!

Though the Dino Derby Fundraiser competition occurs in the spring, the Dinos are perched hungrily on the circulation desk all year round. Each library retains the dino funds at the respective branch. The dino money can be used to fulfill any needs within the library’s children  and teen programs. While some use it for craft supplies, children’s prizes or the Discovery Dome ~ we all agree that your donations are GREATLY appreciated!!



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