Posted by: houwr | 07/09/2012

Beat the Heat! Valuable Tips from The Nola Brantley Memorial Library

Does anyone remember the record-breaking heat we had several days ago? Beating these Georgia summer scorchers is something we’ve all had to endure at some point, and it can definitely be tough. Here at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library, we understand as well as the rest of you that 100+ temps can be grueling, so we’ve got some tips and tricks that may help you and your family beat the heat!

First of all, think wet: run through the sprinklers in your back yard, take a dip in a lake, or get out that Slip-N-Slide! What about your swimming pool? Your neighbor’s swimming pool? (No, we do not promote trespassing, so make sure you ask your kind and friendly neighbor first!).  Does your apartment or subdivision own a community pool? The possibilities are endless and finding water resources are pretty easy, so round-up your friends and cool off with a splash!

If it’s too hot to even go outside (and we all know what that’s like), stay indoors and cool off with some sweet treats!  We own a tasty little book entitled The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato and Sorbetto. Long story short, if you’re craving the sweetest treat in America, chances are you need some Ciao Bella. They are the premier gelato and sorbetto maker in the country and are known for using fine ingredients in their recipes, like Louisiana pralines and Sicilian lemons (can you say YUM?). However, you don’t have to be a master chef to follow the recipes in this book – all you need is some fresh ingredients, an ice cream machine, and your imagination! This book will guide you into sweet treat heaven, including such indulgences as key lime sorbetto and hazelnut biscotti gelato. My mouth is watering already!

If Ciao Bella is a little too fancy for your taste, try whipping up a cold smoothie or juice blend to help beat the summer heat! Juices & Smoothies is a wildly popular book here at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library, and it’s no wonder why – it offers countless recipes and many pictures for “super healthy juices” and “vital veggie blends” along with exotic cooler guidelines that will make your taste buds rejoice.  It’s perfect for the beginner or more experienced juice blenders out there, and can definitely quench a dry mouth.

For something even more basic and healthy, try making your own popsicles with fresh ingredients for the kiddos!  Oh, and don’t forget – the library has a/c, and we welcome you to come by anytime to cool off, relax, read the newspaper, and check out one of our books that will help keep you cool!

So, let’s hear it – what is your favorite way to beat the GA heat?



  1. I love using orange juice or apple juice to make popsicles! So good!

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