Posted by: houwr | 07/04/2012

Labor of Love: Library Volunteers, Part 2

On June 26, we introduced you to a volunteer team here at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library: Sam, Tina, and Kelly (who, by the way, still volunteer with us and we LOVE them!).  Now, I’d like for you to meet another valuable young man who has so generously given of his time to come help us out here at the library – Mr. Jacob Boney!

Jacob is an energetic 18-year-old who attends Warner Robins High School.   He loves volunteering with us because he likes seeing all the different books: “I really love looking through the old Vs new writing styles of authors.  You can see the generations changing in literature, and that’s fascinating to me.”  Jacob had a teacher who encouraged this type of reading and credits her for the appreciation he has for books.

But Jacob has another motivation for his volunteer work here besides just literature appreciation.  By putting in hours with us, he is earning an honors tassel through his school’s Beta club. “I want to be decked for graduation!” says Jacob.  “I want the Beta stamp on my honors robe and earn the honors stole – you know, the gold one.” Jacob also knows that his volunteer hours here will continue serving him well into the future: “This experience will look great on a college application!”

When Jacob isn’t volunteering with us, he can be caught reading one of his favorite authors, including Christopher Paolini, J.K. Rowling, and JRR Tolkien.  He also likes to dance in his spare time, his favorite types being hip-hop and interpretive.

Unfortunately, Jacob’s last day with us was June 27.  For the rest of the summer, he will be focusing on projects for his AP classes.  But he hopes this won’t be the last time he gets to work at the library: “I love it … in fact, I’d even take a real job here!”

If you are interested in volunteering at the Nola Brantley Memorial Library, fill out the application here or contact Mark at (478)923-0128.


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