Posted by: HouPE | 07/02/2012

Libraries Make a Difference ~ Write Now!!

Meet Chuck…

Chuck is one of Perry Library’s regular patrons. Chuck is a student at a local college. Chuck visits the library on an almost daily basis. The internet computers allow him to enroll in distance education classes along with his traditional classes. His daily allotment of internet minutes are used for preparing class projects, class participation, and completing tests. Chuck can often be found at one of the library tables scouring his text books. Indeed Chuck could potentially categorize the library as his second home. Or the library staff can consider him an honorary co-worker. We are all pleased to rejoice with Chuck in his accomplishment of completing his degree and graduating this summer ~ with honors no less!!! Using library resources and his own personal ambition, Chuck has secured employment in his chosen career field.

Chuck is just one of many Perry community members who are utilizing library resources to improve their lives. Many students use their 180 minute computer allotment to complete online courses and earn degrees. The only computer activity that rivals school work at Perry library is the completion of resumes and job applications. In this way the library serves as a vital & FREE link to technology for community members of all ages. Here at the library, we are pretty impressed by the drive, dedication, and focus of our patrons. We are thrilled to be able to support them in attaining these goals.

How has the library made a difference in your life? Write it down! There’s someone who needs to hear about it. Need help finding out who your legislative member is? Stop in, we’ll let you know.


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