Posted by: HouPE | 06/27/2012

Found on the Shelf at Perry Library: The Kids’ Summer Handbook

Well parents, we’re entering the midpoint of summer… have you heard “I’m bored!” yet? Consider some of the fun activities offered in The Kids’ Summer Handbook by Jane Drake & Ann Love. All activities involve easily located household items.

The activity offerings are for land, sea, after dark, hiking trips, or faun and crafts for rainy days. The only limit to the activity is your own personal ambition. Perhaps your family isn’t up for building a tree fort this year, though if you are those instructions are included. You’ll still have plenty of options for bird feeders, solar fruit dryer, plant weaving, games for the swimming pool and much, much more! Each topic has an explanation and recipe like presentation of activities to include a listing of items necessary and instructions.

Ready to give one a try? Let’s make a backpack!

Gather up:

an old belt of piece of rope

an old pair of jeans

2 pieces of fabric – 4 inches by 5 feet (the book recommends cutting up an old sheet)


1. Insert belt or rope through the belt loops of the jeans.

2. Tie the bottom of each pant leg closed with one end of the sheet and knot tightly.

3. Slide the other end of the sheet into the belt loops  at the back of the jeans to form the backpack straps. Adjust the length so the straps fit. Knot.

Decorate the outside and fill it with outside gear. You are ready for a hike! Or at least they have a place to store all of those summertime treasures!

This book was found on the shelf at Perry Public Library. As luck would have it, each of the Houston County Public Libraries has a copy. You locate it on the shelf under call number J790.1 DRA. Enjoy your children and the summer with lots of fun and easy ideas.

Come on in and check it out!


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