Posted by: HouPE | 04/18/2012

The Writers Workshop @ Perry Library

Perry Library proudly introduces our Homeschool Writers Workshop:

Our homeschool students meet each Thursday at Perry Library with Ms. Yolanda, Children and Young Adult Specialist. The group spends each month exploring different writing themes and exercises. While each month has a distinct theme, students are welcome to drop in at any time. It’s not necessary to start at the beginning of each month. The workshop is open to homeschool students who are writing independently.

The month of March focused on skit writing and performance. The students wrote, directed and produced their own plays. The performances were great! One of the skits performed was based upon the conversations that happen when kids ride in the car with their parents. Ice cream trucks, aliens, chickens, even puppets!! There was no end to the creativity in action at the Perry Library! 

Grab those pencils and notebooks!

Head on over to Perry Library this Thursday at 11:15!

April is poetry month!





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